Fighting for Central Valley Families


Serving Our Veterans

Coming from a long line of veterans, joining the Army out of highs school was a great step for me. But today I am angered to see bureaucratic delays that are preventing a VA facility to be built in our community. Veterans are forced to drive to Palo Alto for healthcare and mental health services. I am proud to work with veterans and advocates on this issue and will continue to help them

Protecting our environment

The Delta Tunnel project needs to die. Spending billions of dollars to send our water south and hurt the Delta estuary is a bad idea. I have served on the Delta Protection Commission and I know how important the Delta is to our community and this region. I’ll continue to oppose this project.

We must also work to protect clean air and clean water and ensure polluters are held accountable. I will fight to protect access to water, our most precious resource in the region and protect public lands.

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Access to Higher Education

Working with Stockton leaders, we are moving on efforts to build a CSU campus in Stockton. We are the largest city in California that does not have a CSU campus within 50 miles. Currently California is turning away thousands of qualified high school students from our CSU campuses every year. I will continue to fight to get this campus built here. It will help our students, focus on job retraining, create local jobs and be a hub for our community.

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strengthening our economy

Ensuring access to quality, good-paying jobs is an important priority for me. While we hear about economic growth in the news, not everyone in our community is benefiting from recent growth and many are working two or three jobs just to get by. I have championed laws to ensure equal pay for equal work, enforce workplace fairness and supported efforts ensure access to job retraining programs for those who wish to pursue new careers.

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Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Rising healthcare costs have affected millions of people in our region. I believe we can address rising prescription drug prices, expand access to quality care in rural areas and reduce the overall cost of healthcare. We shouldn’t wait for the federal government to act. I have fought for access to reproductive healthcare in our state and I will stand with the Governor to enact legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs and use California’s purchasing power to lower the cost of care in our state.